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Preventing prison suicide: perspectives from the inside

Tue, 24/05/2016 - 10:47

Centre for Mental Health - 
This report, written in conjunction with the Howard League for Penal Reform, argues that prisons need to change to enable staff to build relationships with prisoners and reduce the risk of suicide. It focuses on the views and experiences of current and former prisoners about what contributes to vulnerability and what increases or reduces their risk of suicide. Prisoners described a culture where distress was often not believed or responded to with compassion. The report concludes that change needs to happen across the system to recognise the influence of the prison environment on people’s vulnerability.

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Challenges, solutions and future directions in the evaluation of service innovations in health care and public health

Tue, 24/05/2016 - 10:41

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) - 
Policies and interventions in the health-care system may have a wide range of effects on multiple patient outcomes and operate through many clinical processes. This presents a challenge for their evaluation, especially when the effect on any one patient is small. This essay explores the nature of the health care system and discuss how the empirical evidence produced within it relates to the underlying processes governing patient outcomes.

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Cards on the table: tips and tricks for getting in on the action of devolution

Tue, 24/05/2016 - 10:18

Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) - 
This paper examines the English devolution process, from the initial scoping out of a proposal to government to the implementation of a deal on the ground. At every stage there are important governance duties and responsibilities – securing buy-in from non-executive councillors and the public, working with partners, thinking about transparency and how, and when, bids and deals will be subject to robust scrutiny. This paper sets out how those duties and responsibilities might be transacted.

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A low priority? How local health and care plans overlook the needs of dying people

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 11:33

Hospice UK - 
This report examines local health planning and needs assessments in relation to dying people and finds that 34 per cent of health and wellbeing boards do not take into account end of life care needs. In addition to this, 27 per cent of CCGs do not have a strategy for addressing end of life care for adults in their area, with the figure rising to 71 per cent for children and young people. The report calls for greater collaboration in order to better cater for local palliative and terminal care needs.

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Vanguard funding allocations

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 11:21

NHS England - 
In 2016/17, £112 million will be invested in the vanguard projects which are leading the way and road testing new models of care in different parts of England. This briefing outlines the specific allocations for 47 our of the 50 vanguard projects. The remaining three are in Greater Manchester and form part of the devolution deal. 

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Indicative 2020/21 Sustainability and Transformation Fund funding including transformation

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 11:18

NHS England - 
This briefing outlines indicative figures for how much each part of England could see its NHS budget grow by 2020, and the funding available for transformation. This document aims to help local NHS and care leaders develop their Sustainability and Transformation Plans, showing how the NHS Five Year Forward View will be implemented locally, using the growing funding envelope available to each area. 

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Performance of the NHS provider sector year ended 31 March 2016

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 11:11

NHS Improvement - 
This report outlines the operational and financial performance of NHS providers over the final quarter of 2015/16. It finds that NHS providers have risen the challenge of increasing demands for health services but further work is needed to continue improving services and increasing efficiencies. Whilst the sector made £2.9 billion in efficiency savings in 2015/16, the sector ended the financial year in deficit of £2.54 billion.

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More medicine needed: the health of health finances revisited

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 11:05

Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) - 
In a previous briefing published in 2015, CIPFA called for additional upfront funding for the NHS and this report reassesses the current financial health of the sector following the Spending Review. According to CIPFA's analysis, the shortfall in the NHS budget will range from £5bn to £16bn by 2020. The report argues that there is a leadership challenge as much as a financial challenge and calls on the government to set up an independent commission to investigate the long-term funding of the NHS.

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Quality of care in a place

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 10:44

Care Quality Commission (CQC) - 
These prototype reports use inspection findings and data from other sources to build a picture of what care is like for the people who use health and social care services in Salford and Tameside. 

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Better care in my hands: a review of how people are involved in their care

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 10:26

Care Quality Commission (CQC) - 
This report describes how well people are involved in their own care and what good involvement looks like. It is based on newly analysed evidence from our national reports and inspection findings, as well as national patient surveys and a literature review. It identifies what enables people and their families to work in partnership with health and social care staff and illustrates this with good practice examples from our inspection findings.

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Dispensing health equality

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 10:13

Pharmacy Voice - 
This report argues that closures of community pharmacies in deprived areas could lead to extra demands on local GPs. Based on a survey of over 2000 people, research commissioned for this report found that if faced with closure, one in four people who would normally seek advice from their local pharmacy on common ailments, would instead make an appointment with their GP. The report urges the government to take note of this in context of proposed funding cuts and seeks reassurance that in areas of high deprivation, access to community pharmacies will be protected.

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Improving the physical health of people with mental health problems: actions for mental health nurses

Mon, 23/05/2016 - 09:41

Department of Health (DH) - 
This evidence-based information will help mental health nurses to improve the physical health and wellbeing of people living with mental health problems. This document focuses on how to deal with some of the main risk factors for physical health problems, and helps to make sure that people living with mental health problems have the same access to health checks and healthcare as the rest of the population.

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Smart appliances and the Internet of Things: trends and impact for disabled and older consumers

Fri, 20/05/2016 - 11:14

Thomas Pocklington Trust - 
This report, written by Rica, highlights the potential benefits of emerging smart technology for older and disabled people, including those with sight loss. As active appliances become more popular, communication via smartphones with voice commands could help to empower people with sight loss and other disabilities.

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Inclusive design: manufacturing, design, and retail expert views

Fri, 20/05/2016 - 11:07

Thomas Pocklington Trust - 
Inclusive design aims to make the design of mainstream products or services accessible to as many people as reasonably possible without the need for special adaptation. This report, conducted by consumer research charity Rica, examine show the values of inclusive design are being promoted by those involved in the design, build and retail of white goods and heating controls.

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Tobacco packaging guidance: guidance for retailers, manufacturers and distributors of tobacco products, enforcement agencies and the public on changes to tobacco packaging from 20 May 2016

Fri, 20/05/2016 - 10:52

Department of Health (DH) - 
This guidance provides an overview of new rules on the packaging of tobacco (and herbal products for smoking) for retail, which came into force on 20 May 2016. These rules include, for example, minimum sized health warnings on all tobacco packaging (and herbal products for smoking) for retail. They also require standardised packaging (or ‘plain packaging’) for individual cigarette sticks, cigarette packs and hand rolling tobacco packs for retail.

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Physical inactivity: economic costs to NHS clinical commissioning groups

Fri, 20/05/2016 - 10:49

Public Health England (PHE) - 
This report aims to further understanding of the burden of physical inactivity in terms of health and economic impact. The estimates provided here are a starting point in understanding the cost of physical inactivity in England as a result of treating adverse health outcomes.

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Public health workforce of the future: a 20-year perspective

Thu, 19/05/2016 - 15:10

Centre for Workforce Intelligence -
This report was jointly commissioned by the Department of Health (DH), Public Health England (PHE) and Health Education England as a discussion paper looking at the public health workforce of 2035. It looks ahead at the capacity and capability needed and what needs to be be done or put in place to get ready for the future. It is aimed at informing the DH's planned refresh of the national public health workforce strategy in 2016. The work complements the PHE review Fit for the Future - Public Health People: A review of the public health workforce, which considers the medium-term issues and needs of the public health workforce.

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How is the NHS performing? Quarterly monitoring report: issue 19

Thu, 19/05/2016 - 14:44

The King's Fund -
Nearly two-thirds of NHS trust finance directors and more than half of CCG finance leads say the quality of patient care in their area has deteriorated over the past year, according to this report. It finds that only 2 per cent of trust finance directors and 12 per cent of CCG finance leads said that patient care had improved over the past 12 months.

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Fit for the future – public health people: a review of the public health workforce

Thu, 19/05/2016 - 14:28

Public Health England (PHE) -
The Department of Health commissioned PHE to carry out a thematic review of public health workforce future capabilities and skills. This review outlines five important themes that underpin the response to developing a workforce for 2021 and provides a clear pathway and plan to achieve the ‘new’ workforce.

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Joint review of partnerships and investment in voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in the health and care sector

Thu, 19/05/2016 - 14:13

Department of Health -
This report sets out recommendations for voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in the health and care sector. It is a joint review by the Department of Health, Public Health England, and NHS England. The aim of the review is to: describe the role of the VCSE sector in improving health, wellbeing and care outcomes; identify the challenges and opportunities in realising the sector’s potential; and address challenges and maximise opportunities. It emphasises putting wellbeing at the centre of health and care services, and making VCSE organisations an integral part of a collaborative system.

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