ASPIRE Programme

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ASPIRE Programme
HPMA London Academy are delighted to launch the application process for the third and final cohort of the ASPIRE development programme. The application process is open until 9am on Monday 4 September. This is a long application window to allow for holidays and for applicants to get a supporting statement from their sponsor.
Please ensure you have sufficient time for your line manager or sponsor to complete their statement on your application form by the deadline of 4 September as we will be shortlisting immediately after the deadline and will not be able to accept late applications.
The programme has been funded by Health Education England and this is the final cohort of 16 participants. It  has been designed and implemented through a collaboration between the HPMA London Academy and our lead provider Authentic Leadership who have a successful track record in the delivery of leadership programme across a range of sectors including the NHS.
Here are some words about the programme from the first cohort as they completed the programme last week:
“ASPIRE has given me the confidence to go for ‘stretch’ ‘Aspire to lead’ ‘Lead to inspire’ “
“Grow your network and develop strategic workforce knowledge and skills”
“Covers a broad range of skills development both personal and professional and provides a wonderful networking opportunity to share this learning”
“ASPIRE will push you out of your comfort zone”
“Accept my strengths, identify blindspots and appreciate how this would contribute to my leadership style”
“ASPIRE – a powerful lesson in personal impact”
“Empowering and equipped me to pursue my goal of Deputy HRD”
“ASPIRE increases awareness on a personal, organisational and national level”
“Privileged to be a member of the ASPIRE community”
Eligibility for the Programme
The programme is for senior HR and OD staff who have been identified as having the potential and the ambition to move into a Deputy, Assistant or Associate Director role in the next eighteen months to two years. Applicants will be required to have the support of their line manager or current Director who will provide a statement of support for the applicant. Please ensure you have sufficient time for your line manager or sponsor to complete their statement on your application form by the deadline of 9am on Monday 4 September 2017 as we will be shortlisting immediately after the deadline.
This programme is open to all HR/OD practitioners working for organisations with corporate membership of the HPMA London Academy.
We will assess applicants on the basis of responses to the competency self assessment, evidence of self awareness of development needs and evidence of ambition and commitment to progress your career as a workforce leader.
Format of the Programme
The ASPIRE Programme has been designed to deliver the following learning objectives for each participant:
·         Increase self-awareness and personal presence/impact/influencing skills
·         Understand ‘the stretch’ required to work at Deputy/Director level in an organisation and what Boards want from an effective workforce leader
·         Understand strategic and theoretical approaches to organisation design and development and which ones to adopt in different contexts
·         Enhance analytical and problem solving skills through an analysis of current NHS challenges across health and social care systems
These learning objectives will be delivered through a number of developmental components which have been designed to optimise the capability, capacity and potential of each participant.
By applying for this programme participants will sign up to attend all its components which are outlined below.
Dates for Cohort 3
Development Activity
Selection Process
Panel interviews for shortlisted applicants with the HPMA team and Director and Deputy Directors of HR/OD
19 September 2017
Development Centre
A range of development centre activities to enable participants to fully assess their strengths and areas for development through the course of the programme
20 October 2017
Modular Programme
A four day modular programme run on 2 consecutive days in May and July 2017. The modules are being designed to deliver the learning objectives outlined above and will cover the individual, the team, the organisation and the wider system.
Modules 1 & 2 - 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2017
Modules 3 & 4 -  8/9th February 2018
Action Learning Sets
Each cohort will be split into 2 action learning sets (ALS) facilitated by members of the Authentic Leadership team. Each ALS will meet on 4 occasions
Action learning sets to take place between January and May 2018 Final dates to be agreed.
Each participant will complete a work based project within their own organisation
Completion by the end of the programme in June 2018
Programme Finale Assessment
Each participant will undergo a mock interview with existing Directors and Deputy Directors, including a presentation on their learning throughout the programme
12 June 2018
Mentoring/Coaching Opportunity
Each participant will be required to work with a mentor or coach through the programme. 
To be organised on an individual basis
The participant’s line manager and/or executive sponsor will be contacted by the HPMA to ensure that the application has their support.