Byron Lee

Byron is an educator, facilitator, coach and mindfulness teacher and has spent the past 25 years working in the field of personal and organizational development, specialising in inclusion and leadership. Beginning his career in nursing, today he draws on his varied and in-depth training and experience in teaching, groupwork, coaching, counselling, positive psychology and mindfulness to support individual, team and organizational development. Byron is passionate about helping people, teams and organizations adapt and thrive in a diverse, complex and changing world. Today he specialises in Compassionate Leadership, Applied Positive Psychology, Transformative Learning, Mindfulness, Unconscious Bias, and Supporting Social Change and Inclusion through Contemplative Practices and Leadership Wisdom.

He co-designed and facilitated the King’s Fund Compassionate Leadership though Mindfulness programme, is involved in the Mindful Nation initiative, and is a Director at Happy City, a project aimed at radically changing the way institutions, cities and governments measure and support what matters most to people in their lives.

Byron is Managing Director of Added Value Learning and Leadership Associate, The King's Fund

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Twitter: @mindfullives