CMP Resolutions

 Since 1989 CMP Resolutions has been supporting employers to close the gap between employee behaviours and organisational values, and avoid the financial and human costs of conflict.  We are the UK’s leader in conflict management training, and services to employers, including mediation, investigation, harassment advice, dignity, inclusion and more. CMP have an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge and experience of workplace conflict, and provide pragmatic, informed and adaptable solutions to our clients’ needs. 88% of our clients return to us year on year.

This year at the UK Conference at our Round Table at Stand 22 we are hosting a series of five workshops at the event, held during the breaks. These sessions will give you an insight into new ways of thinking, learning and working, whilst networking over Breakfast, Coffee or Lunch.

To register your attendance at any of these sessions, please click here
Day 1
12:25-13:00 (35 Min)
1. Welcome Lunch – Harness difference to improve patient outcomes – Creative management of Diversity and Inclusion
15:25-15:45 (20 Min)
2. Afternoon Tea – What Mediation isn’t! – the Right and Wrong times to Mediate
Day 2
8:30-9:30 (60 Min) 
3. Breakfast @ CMP’s – Creating a ‘Clear Air’ workplace where employees feel empowered to challenge the status quo
11:10-11:30 (20 Min)
 4. Brunch Break – Taking the Grief out of Grievance – Being Human in Employee Relations
12:50-13:40 (50 Min)
 5. Last Supper – Having Difficult Conversations – Using Courage, Honesty and Benevolence

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