Beverley Powell

Beverley Powell is an experienced equality and diversity professional and the winner of multiple national awards for her contributions towards equality, diversity and inclusion. Her 20-year career in diversity and inclusion has encompassed both the public and private sectors and her outstanding leadership has led to successful strategic outcomes for a range of organisations.
Beverley is an accredited life coach, a qualified police trainer, a mentor and a transformational leader and she is the author of the research study, 'A critical analysis of the Transgender experience when accessing primary and secondary care within the NHS'.

Beverley’s commitment to her work and her specialist expertise have resulted in her receiving commendations from the police and prison services for leadership commitment to the equality and fairness agenda, and her innovative work has resulted in strategies that have led to sustainable commitments to progression, development and transformation within a range of public sector organisations.

Beverley’s creative approach to her work means that she is able to deliver impressive results that ally with recognised standards. Whether she is addressing strategic business objectives or complex diversity issues, her leadership skills, research experience and unique delivery style means she always gets the best out of the people she is working with.

From community groups to national institutions, Beverley is committed to delivering results that matter. Her passion and experience combine to enable her to appreciate the many ways in which discrimination can affect staff and service users, and allow her to support individuals and groups to make positive changes.


Why equality and diversity? Why life coaching?

The challenges that Beverley, herself, has faced have inspired her to pursue this career. Her own experiences inform the work she does and she uses them to coach and support her clients to reach their own personal and organisational goals.
She has coached both individuals and groups and makes use of her training, research, and the skills she has learned to inspire people to reach their full potential and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Her understanding of equality and diversity issues, as well as change management and leadership, ensure she is ideally placed to advise, coach and encourage people and organisations to identify and achieve their goals in a positive, supported way.

Beverley is culturally competent, with an ability to communicate on different cultural levels. In doing so, she demonstrates compassion and empathy, bringing about positive outcomes.


Community involvement

Beverley is an active member of her local community and sits on the Black African support group, BME Women and Children Group, Gender Equality Group and the Disability group. She is also a member of the LGBT Forum. Being part of such groups enables Beverley to have a wider understanding of the diverse challenges faced by people when accessing public services, while giving her the opportunity to contribute to her local community on the issues that matter to her. Beverley is a member of the NHS Diversity and Inclusion Regional Practitioners Group, and has been an Independent Advisor for South Yorkshire Police. She has also sat on the board of the Leeds Black Health Initiative (BHI).

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What others say about Beverley

I have always been impressed with Beverley's integrity, knowledge and passion… She is an excellent team player and has a strategic mindset which she applies very well to impact practice… Her maturity, experience and commitment would make her a credit to any organisation.
Professor Carol Baxter, CBE

I am very happy to recommend Beverley. Having known her for a number of years, I've always been impressed by her knowledge and expertise and the enthusiasm she has for her work on the Equality and Diversity agenda. At NHS Employers we relied on the good will and commitment of people in the field and Beverley was one of those collaborative experts we could always rely on. A real star!
Dean Royles, Executive Director of HR &OD Leeds Teaching hospitals.

Beverley and I have worked together on several projects designed to develop advice and good practice across the NHS in the field of equality, diversity and human rights. Beverley is an excellent researcher and collaborator in this respect and has contributed greatly to the development of an evidence based case for diversity. Her work in the field of gender dysphoria in particular has contributed greatly to both better understanding and better practice within the health sector in this field.
Paul Deemer, Head of Diversity and Inclusion NHS Employers.

Beverley has a genuine engaging style which commands respect and interest. She is exceptional in ensuring that equality work is conveyed in an accessible and non threatening style, yet with depth and thorough consideration. She is a delight to work with and has humour and a serious side. Her work is of the highest standard and during my time as Chief Executive I can genuinely say that Beverley was amongst the highest performing staff in the Trust.
Sandra Taylor CEO Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust (2007-2010)