Andy Coombe

 Andy’s professional background is within HR in the health service, during which time he led the then Wessex branch of the HPMA (back in the days when it was AHHRM!), rising to the giddying heights of being a National Council member of HPMA in the early 2000s.

Knowing he could never top this achievement he went independent in 2006, forming Kairos Consultancy as a vehicle to support his work in bringing purpose and success to individuals, teams and organisations. ‘Kairos’ in ancient Greek means ‘time of opportunity, time of change, when nothing will be the same again’, and Andy works to bring fruitful, purposeful change to all with whom he works. He does this predominantly through leadership development, team facilitation, executive coaching and wider OD and strategy interventions.
Throughout this time Andy has continued to collaborate with the HPMA, working with the London branch and, most recently, facilitating the work of the HPMA Council and Trustees last year to develop our vision, beliefs & aims, values and strategy. Andy is currently collaborating in writing a book drawing on his experience in leadership and coaching, due for publication in Spring 2018, with a working title of Life isn’t a straight line. 50 models to help you lead and inspire.