Christmas Tips

When we talk about ‘Christmas overwhelm’, it’s not that you’ve eaten too many mince pies, or heard that WHAM classic once too often.

Reasons we might feel overwhelmed at this time of year include:

  • It’s silly season at work. As well as being a tough period for healthcare workers in general, Christmas can throw up a number of HR issues to navigate.
  • Trying to get all the shopping done.
  • Worrying about having enough money for everything
  • Ticking off all the preparations on a lengthy to-do list
  • Battling the viruses that are the vanguard of Winter
  • Trying to socialise through it all.

Team Boo would like to share with you ten top tips for staying merry and bright this Christmas:

  1. Think of Christmas as a season, not just a day. Take the little joys when they come during these weeks, rather than facing the building pressure of one day that MUST BE MAGICAL.
  1. If you have a diary that’s chock-a-block, actually schedule some ‘down time’ into it. Protect that time.
  1. Shop in advance! Whilst we do encourage shopping locally as much as possible, if it’s too late and you’re struggling to get out, don’t forget you can get almost anything delivered from the internet to your door within 48 hours.  
  1. If you find yourself stressing about what to give somebody, consider gifting experiences instead of objects; it helps limit the ‘accumulation of tat’ which can be overwhelming in itself. 
  2. Many of us commute in the dark. Make sure to take opportunities to get fresh air and sunlight.
  1. Take advantage of a flu jab if you’re offered one, and if you’re unlucky enough to catch a winter bug then rest, hydrate, and stay away from others who might be vulnerable. 
  1. Try to live mindfully in the moment. Wrapping up for winter walks, coming home to a bowl of warm soup, sitting under blankets to watch a film. Live these things as they are happening. If it snows this Christmas (instead of waiting until March), take a moment to watch a snowflake fall, let it land on your cheek, try to remember how you felt about snow when you were a child… before you start the panic about how you’re going to get to work.
  2. Remember to think about what you enjoy – and do those things. Don’t get caught up in doing other things because you think you have to.
  1. It’s totally OK to say no to invites…you don’t need to explain or give excuses. Managing your own boundaries is so good for your mental health. If you always say yes to stuff that causes you stress give the word ‘no’ a go this holiday season and see how much better you feel.
  1. Christmas becomes some sort of a deadline for everything we hope to achieve. It’s an artificial finish line that we impose on ourselves, when really it’s just a festival to cheer us up in the middle of winter.

Thank you for all you do to improve the quality of our healthcare services!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year,

From #TeamBoo 

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