Welcome to a New Year and a new decade! 2020 is here and waiting for us!

For many of us working in HR, OD and wider workforce roles, the first few weeks of January will be a time of reflection in both our work and our personal lives. As we reflect on the previous year, there will be highs and lows, good times and bad, happy times and sad times., joy and sorrow. We will think of the people we have helped and the people we have hurt and to use the time to discover more about who we are are and how we can be better versions of ourselves. It’s good to reflect, and it’s good to learn. It is an important part of being able to look forward to the challenges and the opportunities ahead.

As professionals working in the NHS and social care, a lot of our focus will be on the long term NHS plan and the forthcoming NHS National People Plan (now anticipated to be published in February). We will be exploring how we can best marshall the resources we have to maximise our individual and organisational contributions. The NHS is a people business, and we know the contribution we can make is enormous. From the way we undertake our OD interventions to the training and development, we plan, to talent management and leadership development and our approach to constructive employee relations. They all matter. They all make a difference to the working lives of staff and, in turn, the quality of care our patients and service users receive. We will seek to learn lessons from the past and do things differently and, hopefully, better. This planning and implementation of the changes required are what makes our roles so exciting and so different from many other professions. Constant change and constant innovation can be draining, but it is mostly interesting and rewarding.

However, we won’t be successful if we don’t invest and prioritise our own development. A new year and a new decade is a great time to commit to our own personal development. To design a development plan for the next year, but also think ahead to 2030, to set career ambitions, to finish those qualifications and to finish that assignment!

As you develop your career, the HPMA want to be your partner, to help you on your journey and to support you to be the best you can be. Please have a look at our new website and in 2020, get involved with your local branch. We would love to strengthen our collective voice in what will be an exciting decade for the NHS.

We have some amazingly talented people working in HR, OD and the wider workforce function, and from the HPMA we would like to wish you all a year of learning, personal and professional development.

Happy New Year!

HPMA President



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