With You, For You

When it comes to safety, the airline industry is often held up as an example for the NHS to follow. I know it’s not an analogy everyone likes, given the different context people work in, and the consequences on individuals of the decisions made, but the underlying concept is sound. And, at this time, there is a particularly important message contained in the pre take-off safety announcement where passengers are reminded that in the event of a drop in air pressure, you should apply your own oxygen mask before fitting others. In other words, you can’t look after others effectively, without first looking after yourself.

This is so important right now. We at the HPMA know just how hard our HR and OD colleagues are working at these unprecedented times. And they are indeed, unprecedented. We know that you will be focused on supporting staff so they can better serve and care for our patients. We know you will be checking in on your teams and colleagues, both working on the frontline and in corporate and support functions. We know that you know patient care is about team work. We know that, at this time, you will be particularly focused on the health and wellbeing of others. We know just what an important role that is right now and we want to thank you for your dedication, concentration and professionalism at this time. It really is valuable, essential work.

However, as an organisation representing those working in people management in the NHS, we also want to encourage and support you to look after your own health and wellbeing, to take time to reflect, to take breaks when you can and get some fresh air and exercise (outdoors!)

We know it is a big ask, but it is so important during this time, to ensure you are best placed to support the wellbeing and resilience of others.

Please do keep an eye on the HPMA website where we will share tips and ideas to support you and your teams.

Thank you, once again, from all of us at the HPMA. With you, for you.

Dean and Nicky

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