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Patchwork.Health has announced that it will be making its COVID-19 bank staffing solution freely available to all NHS Trusts over the next four months – connecting them directly with tens of thousands of bank clinicians via their app. Patchwork.Health’s COVID-19 solution:
• Gives Trusts access to tens of thousands of clinicians nationwide, via their app.
• Can be live at any Trust within 5 days for any staff groups
• Takes less than an hour for Trust administrators to learn how to use (with online or face-to-face training). No training needed for clinicians to use the app.
• Automates processes, saving thousands of hours of administrative work for temporary staffing teams
• Is a web-based system that can be accessed from anywhere remotely.
In addition, Patchwork.Health is also offering:
• Access to their dedicated COVID19 24/7 rapid response team; helping Trust teams with BAU tasks, including broadcasting vacancies and activating bank
doctors on the system
• Access to hundreds of thousands of clinicians from targeted adverts on social media and in the BMJ – all tailored to each Trust
• Access to its partnership with Wagestream; allowing clinicians to instantly claim their wages, receive automatic Statutory Sick Pay, and automatic expense
reimbursement for volunteers.
Many Trusts are already using the technology; with 3,500 COVID-19 related vacancies going live each week, and a 100% daily increase in clinicians taking up vacant shifts through the app.

If you’d like to join these Trusts, or have any other queries, please get in touch at and the
team will reach out to you for immediate action.

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