Webinar: Helping others to help themselves

Healthcare professionals can absolutely support people to get better but we cannot MAKE people feel better.

In this webinar Rising Vibe explored the importance of self-care and how that is often interpreted as being selfish.

By looking after ourselves and meeting our own needs, we are much more able to help other people help themselves. Being honest about how we are really feeling, without putting on a brave face, means we’ll get the support that we need, which will equip us to support others effectively.

Webinar Presenter Lou Banks is founder of Rising Vibe Ltd, a Culture Consultancy working in the B2B space, helping their clients use emotion to drive cultural change. ‘Being emotional’ is not always encouraged at work, but until we support people to be honest about how they are feeling then mental health issues will continue to rise and job role effectiveness will continue to be negatively impacted.

This special webinar for HPMA was held on 22 May but you can get a copy of the recording  via this link https://lpages.rising-vibe.com/hpma-webinar/

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