Webinar: Staff wellbeing: Living and working with the uncertainty of COVID – Wednesday, 4th November at 2pm

In collaboration with The Marle Partnership

 Registration is closed for this event

Valerie Aimes and Clive Martinez from the Marle Partnership will be hosting a 2-hour session with the option of joining an after-party of around 30 minutes.

Staff Wellbeing: Living and working with the uncertainty of COVID

  • Overview of evidence of the incidence of psychological distress from the SARS/COVID literature, risk factors, and vulnerable groups
  • A brief review of protective factors (coping approaches, organisational, professional, and personal factors)
  • Implications for managing sickness absence, counterproductive work behaviours, and staff retention in times of COVID.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to

articulate to their organisations the potential impact of COVID on the psychological wellbeing of their workforces

identify risk factors for poor psychological wellbeing during and after an epidemic and those most vulnerable to developing psychological problems

be aware of those organisational factors and personal skills that support individual and group resilience

begin to identify what the implications of the epidemic are for HR/OD planning

appreciate an approach to psychological flexibility


4th, November 2020 2:00 PM through  4:00 PM
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