Webinar: Unconscious Bias – Monday, 30th November at 2pm

In collaboration with Laurence Harvey

 Registration is closed for this event

Become conscious of your own bias's and how they can affect behaviors, relationships, decisions, advice, guidance, and support at work.


In this session, delegates explore the fact that our assumptions are natural thoughts driven by our survival instincts (fight, flight, freeze) and influenced by our backgrounds, upbringings, experiences, education, relationships, protected characteristics, etc.

These thoughts influence and become our attitudes and values - which in turn affect the way that we behave.

Experience how what we do naturally as human beings can sometimes go against the concepts of Equality, Diversity, Fairness, and Respect.

If you would like to submit a question in advance of the event please email - g.stevens1@nhs.net

30th, November 2020 2:00 PM through  4:00 PM
East Mids - Webinar
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