Webinar: Exploring Personal Change for Improved Resilience; Wellbeing and Work Performance – Thursday 21st January at 1pm

Hosted by David Taylor at Project Lift, this webinar will explore the patterns of personal change and how by understanding this you are able to create a powerful mindset and with habits and routines that will help you level up your resilience and performance in work and personal lives.

To register for this event, please click on the link below where you will be taken to the registration page.  Information regarding submitting any advance questions you may have and the joining instructions for the webinar will be communicated from the registration page. The webinar will run for 60 minutes.

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2075442957184533008

Speaker Biography – David Taylor, Project Lift

David is involved in the day to day work of working with the system to create a more human, compassionate organisation.

People and relationships are rightly at the heart of all that we do and like the rest of the Principal Leads am involved in the day to day role of working with the system to create a more human, compassionate organisation with the very best leaders in the world.  While we all are involved in developing our leaders and leadership community, I have responsibility for developing our talent management approach, both digitally and operationally.  From my time in the armed forces through to my work in the NHS, I have been at my best when I have great relationships both in my teams and into the wider organisation.  My experience in Organisational Development has allowed me to observe this – where teams and services spend time on developing relationships, understanding what is important to each person almost always allows them to thrive.  Unfortunately, the ‘busyness’ of the system can mean that this can fall into the ‘nice to have’ list when I would argue that this is essential.  This is where Project Lift can add great value to the system, keeping a focus through our ethos on how every one of us can contribute to creating a better health and care system.

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