HPMA London Academy Programme 2021-22 Launch

Supporting Workforce Professionals to Turn the People Plan into Reality

We are so pleased to announce the release of the HPMA London Academy 2021-22 programme – SEE FULL DETAILS HERE

Supporting workforce professionals to turn the People Plan into reality’ which we have based around some of the key themes of the People Plan.

Looking after our People

This theme concentrates on supporting workforce professionals to develop the skills and knowledge to develop the strategies to support staff, teams and managers. Development events in this strand concentrate on resilience (both individual and team), coaching skills, conflict management and supporting staff under high levels of stress and trauma.

Belonging in the NHS and Addressing Inequality

This theme concentrates on workforce professionals developing thNew e generic and specialist skills to create more inclusive organisational cultures where staff feel they belong. The skills needed for this will include the development of stronger influencing capabilities as well as an understanding of how to implement culture change.

Some sessions will encourage us to bring our whole selves to work and enable us to have conversations about race and power.

New Ways of Working

This theme concentrates on the development of knowledge and skills to support the rapidly changing virtual and flexible working environment. The development events will cover both how workforce teams need to work differently, and on how workforce professionals support managers and teams in the wider organisation to work differently.

Growing for the Future

This theme covers the rapid need for workforce professionals to support organisations to expand and develop the workforce. Particularly how to build on the renewed interest in the NHS and develop workforce plans and careers to attract and retain new and existing staff.

Bands 3 to 5 Emerging Leaders Programme

The HPMA London Academy is supporting the development of workforce professionals through the creation of a strong talent management framework including aspirant development opportunities for each stage in the career pathway. This year we are increasing the number of development sessions for our bands 3 – 5 emergent leaders by running 11 events on the following themes.


In addition to our core programme, we also run other development opportunities such as our ASPIRE programmes and talent pools for aspirant Deputy Directors and Business Partners and networks such as the London Strategic HR&OD network and London Deputies’ network).

View more about the programme and the events booked here

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