Webinar: Employee Engagement and Productivity in the NHS – Monday 7th June at 3pm

Presented in collaboration with The PrOPEL Hub

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The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the extent to which society depends upon essential workers, with health and social care workers in particular playing a critical role in pulling us through the crisis.

Last year people took to the streets to applaud their heroic work.  But what happens now that the clapping has stopped?  What is the aftermath of COVID-19 on the health and social care workers who have spent the last year working under extreme pressure in sometimes dangerous conditions?  What lessons from before and during the pandemic should we take forward into the post-covid era?

Across June and July, the PrOPEL Hub, in partnership with HPMA will be running a series of free events drawing on evidence gathered before and during the pandemic to explore the implications of Covid-19 for employment relations in the Health & Social Care sector across the 4 UK nations. 

The links between employee experience and individual and organisational performance have been well documented.  However, how does this translate to a healthcare setting? How does employee engagement impact patient outcomes such as patient satisfaction, patient mortality and infection rates?  What are the implications for people management in the healthcare sector?

At this webinar, Christian van Stolk, Executive Vice President at RAND Europe will explore how staff engagement is linked with both individual outcomes – such as rates of absenteeism or presenteeism – and patient and organisational outcomes such as better quality of care and financial performance.

This event will be held on Monday 7th June starting at 3pm and will last for approximately 90 minutes and will include the opportunity to ask questions.  Delegates can submit questions in advance or add them during the webinar.  If you would like to submit a question in advance, please email it to admin@hpma.org

Joining instructions will be sent out 24 hours prior to the event. 

7th, June 2021 3:00 PM through  4:00 PM
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