Anti-Racist Leadership Programme

We are proud to open applications for the HPMA London Academy Anti-Racist Leadership Programme.

This innovative programme will select a cohort of 20 HR/OD professionals with the capability and the ambition to start a quiet revolution in the anti-racist practice of HR/OD in the NHS. Such a revolution has to start from within, so this programme will give each participant the chance to reflect deeply on their own racialised identity and how that involves them inescapably in a system within which they experience racism and/or benefit from racism.

Across 12 months, this first cohort will be supported to significantly increase their competence and confidence in tackling racism – in themselves, their teams and their organisations, including the subtle racism that allows us to tolerate or rationalise persistent and harmful inequalities of treatment and outcome.

 Looking at London as an example, we note that the city has the highest proportion of Black, Asian and minority ethnic NHS staff, and 2019 WRES data showed the relative likelihood of white applicants being appointed from shortlisting compared to Black, Asian and minority ethnic applicants in London region at 1.60. This was the highest in England with only minimal improvement on the year before. The percentage of Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff in London believing that their trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion is the lowest of any region; and lower than it was in 2017. In London, we have approximately 2500 HR and OD staff, 45% are from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background, however they are not representative at the senior management level within the profession. We have a ‘glass ceiling’ from band 6 upwards.

The programme will combine theory and practice – with participants expected to lead anti-racism change with their HR and OD functions and share emerging results and challenges with their peers. In this way the entire cohort will gain a thorough theoretical grounding and have the chance to learn and share lessons from their own and one another’s here and now experience. There is an overarching benefit in that we will have created a community of practice and thought leadership that seeks to revolutionise the status quo whilst reducing racial inequalities across the system.

Above all, this programme will support you to reflect deeply on your own practice and find ways in which you can enhance your most powerful anti-racist tool – your use of ‘self’. This is less about learning new concepts or techniques and more about embodying a new way of being at work and in the world, one that has anti-racism at its heart and is based on understanding of self and system – acknowledging the different work for white people and for black, Asian and minority ethnic people.

The programme is open to all senior workforce professionals, both black, minority ethnic and white colleagues, who lead functions within their HR and OD directorate and who work within HMPA London Academy member organisations.

For full details of the programme and outcomes CLICK HERE


We will need an Equalities Management form from you too CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

APPLICATIONS TO by 10am 13th September 2021

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