Riona Santiago, Assistant Director of Organisation Development

Joanne Quinn, Assistant Director of Facilities Management

Judges’ view
Used innovation in the face of COVID, creating the first Working Safely Together ‘ECHO’ Network, with both employee and significant patient improvements/impacts clearly demonstrated.  Real sense of sustainability with learning  easy to transfer.

They created an OD movement with their Working Safely Together ECHO Network, the first of its kind in the UK. They identied 110 Safety Leads to join the ECHO Network to support and educate others about working safely together through COVID. They co-designed a 10-week education programme of 1 hour sessions including risk assessments, psychological safety,virtual working, vaccinations, safety in shared areas, compassionate leadership, creating a speak-up culture and wellbeing. It included smaller group discussions and reflection sessions to encourage peer learning – a key engagement tool to reach staff at all levels. They have now designed a curriculum to support staff to adapt the learning from surge to rebuild so that the commitment to safety remains a priority.

Key points:

  • The ECHO methodology, available to all NHS organisations, is ideal to facilitate shared learning
  • Its success programme demonstrates the effectiveness of an OD approach
  • Brought to life the OD principles of engagement, collective leadership and peer-to-peer learning on a critical issue of safety

Network is now becoming crucial part of  safety culture and will be a key enabler in the OD pathway to becoming a learning organisation.

Highly Commended
Creating culture at speed in a crisis
Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

Three members of the OD Team were deployed to the build and operational delivery of the OD & Wellbeing function at NHS Nightingale Hospital North West Field hospital. In order to create a ‘one workforce’ culture, they looked at four key human factors: Purpose; Autonomy; Mastery; Wellbeing. They met the challenge by embedding leaner and more effective structures and hierarchies where people were encouraged to have purpose and autonomy, while being supported to master their skills, producing teams who go the extra mile.

Judges’ view

Great example of taking an MDT approach to build and design the project together, exhibiting a strong sense of care, compassion and passion for what they were doing.


Jackie Pratt, Strategic Lead for OD and Wellbeing

John Herring, Deputy Director for Workforce and OD

Sheni Ravji-Smith, Strategic Lead for OD and Wellbeing

Alice Thornton, Project Support Offcer

Audrey Lawrence-Mattis, Project Support Offcer

Roisin Reynolds, FTSU Guardian

Safina Nadeem, EDI Lead

Sam McVaigh, OD Advisor

Simone Mattis, Workforce Administrator

Anna Cooper-Shepherd, Communications & Engagement Lead (Workforce) 

In Our Gift – A Major OD Transformational Programme
Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

In Our Gift is a groundbreaking initiative which has removed hierachichal, geographical and professional boundaries – creating spaces for people to collaborate on ideas, without heavy governance, to make things happen and improve both the wellbeing and experience of  staff and the quality of services. At its heart. focus is on collaboration across 4 main elements to make the Trust a fantastic place to work and be cared for: Wellbeing and Experience, Social Collaboration, Leadership, Continuous Improvement.

Judges’ view

A real sense of a people perspective (including patients and service users) and a clear understanding of some of the more practical challenges faced.  A  great platform to build on.


Kaine Davidson, Deputy Director of People

Alex Brett, Director of People

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