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Invitation to deliver learning sessions to HPMA London Academy members

The HPMA London Academy is looking to identify training providers who would be interested in partnering with the HPMA London Academy to deliver learning sessions as part of our programme in 2020/21, entitled Tomorrow’s World Today.

We have conducted a learning needs analysis with many of our 54 organisational members (from within the NHS in London and the South East) and some of the workforce professionals within these organisations, to support us in outlining the programme we would like to deliver to our members in 2020/21.

Our commissioning intentions doucment sets out more information on what we are planning to deliver and our proposal for how we work with partner organisations to achieve this. We invite training providers to submit expressions of interest to deliver our learning events under the 5 strands of our development programme.

We would like to receive expressions of interest, using the EOI form, by 9am on Monday 25 November 2019. If you have any queries or would like to disucss this further, please contact





ASPIRE HR/OD Business Partner Programme 2019: Application Process now open until 10 June 2019

Is your next career move a Business Partner role? This programme is for you.

This is a great opportunity for anyone planning to move into a BP role in the next 12 months. This time the programme has been designed and implemented through collaboration between the HPMA London Academy and Orion Partners who have a wealth of experience in providing development programmes for Business Partners across different sectors including the NHS. The programme will commence in July 2019 and all elements of the programme will conclude by January 2020.

It will include:
• Initial development planning including a 360, 121 pre-programme coaching to prioritise your area of focus and agree your business project
• 3 full day modules on You in Role, You with the Business (1 and 2)
• Final Bringing it to Life day with presentations, role plays and feedback
• Completion of a Business Project
• Action learning sets
• Mentoring
There are just 18 places on the programme. The cost for each place is £1500 and this will be paid by the sponsoring organisation.

Click here for further details and the application form. The application form includes a competency assessment and a statement from your sponsor so please allow plenty of time for you and your sponsor to complete the form. We will not be able to accept applications without the sponsor statement. 

Shortlisted applicants will then be interviewed by a panel of Deputy Directors on Monday 24 June.

Completed application form along with your CV and monitoring information should be sent to by 8am on 10 June 2019. Please state the subject heading in the e-mail as: ‘ASPIRE BP Programme application and your name’.

This programme is for aspiring HR and OD Business Partners who work for member organisations of the HPMA London Academy.

If you have any questions, please contact, or

ASPIRE Deputy Workforce Director Talent Pool

We are pleased to launch the application process for the ASPIRE Deputy Workforce Director Talent Pool.

The ASPIRE Deputy Workforce Director Talent pool is being set up as part of the establishment of a robust talent management framework for the HPMA London Academy member organisations. We have been working with the Talent Management Sub-Committee of the London HR Directors Network to develop the framework and establish the talent pool. We understand that this is the first such formal talent management initiative for the NHS Workforce profession and it has the full endorsement of Workforce Directors.

The selection and development of participants in the pool will be underpinned by a talent management framework which is based on three key elements; an assessment of performance, an assessment of potential and an assessment against seven key competencies. Once selected into the pool participants will design individual development plans which will draw on the assessment and feedback provided through the selection process and a development centre. The emphasis throughout the participation in the pool will be on self-directed learning with individuals using the menu of development opportunities available to address the areas of ‘stretch’ required to become a Deputy Workforce Director.

We anticipate that in time the talent pool will develop into a ‘community of practice’ providing participants with the opportunity to form strong networks and share resources.

Applications are now invited from eligible senior workforce professionals employed by the HPMA London Academy member organisations. 

Please see attached

Further Information on the ASPIRE Deputy Workforce Director Talent Pool 

The application pack

Please return the completed application form, CV and equalities monitoring form by 3pm on Friday 5th April 2019 and ensure you have included all elements (including the supporting information required from your sponsor) as above as we will commence shortlisting on the 6th April 2019.


HPMA London Academy Programme 2019/20 ‘Be the Change’

We are delighted to introduce our new programme for 2019/20. It follows up on our learning needs analysis of workforce professionals in the autumn and is titled ‘Be the Change’ reflecting the desire we heard from workforce colleagues to be the change in their teams, their organisations and in their own lives.

‘Be the Change’ is also a reminder to everyone who comes along to HPMA sessions, to follow up on the session by taking forward a simple or an ambitious action back into their day to day life. The title for our London conference this coming October will also focus on ‘Be the Change’.

You can see that we have introduced some new strands in the programme. Many respondents to our learning needs questionnaire mentioned that they are working with teams under stress, and so we have introduced a new strand ‘Supporting Teams Facing Challenging and Uncertain Times’. Similarly a lot of respondents mentioned the work they are doing to develop the workforce function and our new strand ‘Supporting Workforce Teams to Deliver High Performance’ will focus on this. Our advanced strand will follow up on our conference last year on Tomorrow’s World, as well as another strand around ‘Developing and Delivering Health and Care Systems’.

We really like the new CIPD Profession Map with it’s strong emphasis on behaviours and so this year, we have decided to link all our events to competencies (knowledge and behaviours) in the CIPD map (in the same way we used the HPMA competencies in previous years) to help you plan your development in the year ahead.

Not all the dates and events have yet been finalised for the whole year but we hope this outline programme allows you to plan yours and your team’s personal development plans.

We aim to publicise details of each events with booking details approximately 8 weeks before the event. All events will be listed on our Eventbrite pages -

To download a summary of the programme, click here

Call for training providers to deliver our 2019/20 Programme 

The HPMA London Academy is looking for training providers who are interested in delivering elements of our development programme in 2019/20. The Academy has developed significantly in recent years and in addition to our core programme, we are also commissioning providers to work with us on delivering a development pool for aspiring deputy directors of workforce, and a programme for aspiring workforce business partners.

Over the last few years, we have developed relationships with a range of excellent training providers and we would like to continue these relationships as well as inviting other providers to work with us in the delivery of this new programme.

In summary, we are looking to commission providers to deliver the 8 different strands of our new programme:

1. Our core learning events programme including Tomorrow’s World, Designing and Delivering Integrated Health and Care Systems, Workforce Profession Delivering High Impact
2. Foundation programme for bands 4 – 5
3. Delivery of technical knowledge events including our legal update events
4. Development sessions to be delivered as part of our 2 networks; the Deputy Directors Network and the Strategic HR and OD Network
5. Support for the delivery of a development pool programme for aspiring Deputy Directors of HR
6. Delivery of an aspiring Business Partner Programme
7. Action Learning Sets
8. Round table and dinner events for senior workforce leaders

If you are interested in working with the HPMA London Academy in the coming year, please take a look at our commissioning intentions document.

We are looking for expressions of interest by first thing on Monday 29 October 2018. Please use this form to submit your expression of interest to me and attach further details as appropriate. If you have any queries in advance of submitting an EOI please contact

We look forward to hearing from you!

HPMA London Academy team



London Success at HPMA Awards
HPMA London members had the best year at the Awards in a very long time. Here is the list of winners from London:
Please scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the 2018 Winners Guide! 
Tomorrow’s World: Shaping the Workforce Function of the Future


3 July 2018


Please click on the links below to download presentations from the day:

Pat Oakley - Tomorrow’s world: role of the workforce profession

Anas Nader, Locum Tap - Demonstrating how the use of technology has enabled workforce professionals to support the clinical services in achieving safe and sustainable staffing levels



HPMA London Academy Programme 2018/19: Empowering and Inspiring Workforce Professionals 


Click here to view our planned programme for 2018/19 and click here to view our current events on Eventbrite for HPMA London members




ASPIRE Business Partner Programme 2018
Please click on the ASPIRE tab to find out more!
The HPMA London Academy is seeking applicants for the first pilot programme of the ASPIRE Business Partner Programme. This application form provides essential information as to whether this is the right programme for you. If you have any further queries please contact the HPMA Academy London Delivery Team: or this this development programme is proudly sponsored by the London Leadership Academy.
Applications should be submitted between the dates of 31st January 2018 and 8am on Monday 19th February 2018. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered for the programme.
***This development programme is only open to London HPMA Academy members only***

 Request for expressions of interest in delivering HPMA London Academy programme in 2018/19
The HPMA London Academy is looking to identify training providers who would be interested in partnering with us to deliver elements of our programme for 2018/19 which is centred around empowering and inspiring workforce professionals in the NHS.

We are looking to work with new training providers as well as those who have delivered learning events for us in the past. 

To download a copy of our briefing document which gives some background to the HPMA London Academy, a summary of the programme we would like to deliver in 2018/19 and some details on how we propose to work with training providers, click here.

To have a quick look at our recent learning needs analysis, click here.

Our aim is to find partners who are interested in delivering sessions at low cost or pro bono and in return, the partner will be able to showcase their training to our network of HR/OD professionals from a wide range of NHS employers in London and to our new member organisations based in Kent, Sussex and Essex.

The key themes of our core programme this year are:

  • Self and personal impact
  • Developing commercial and business skills
  • System and organisation development
  • Enhancing technical knowledge.

We are also planning to continue our advanced programme ‘Developing as a Strategic Workforce Leader’ for bands 8a upwards and our foundation programme ‘Emerging Workforce Leaders’ for bands 4/5.

If you are interested, please submit an expression of interest to deliver our learning events programme as well as some of our other events and activities e.g. speakers or development sessions at the Deputies or Strategic HR&OD network, facilitation of action learning sets, mentoring, and employment law updates.  Click here to download a copy of a simple expression of interest form. The deadline for expressions of interest in 9am on Monday 4 December.

To discuss further, please also contact Diana Cliff, our Programme Development Manager or Rachael Tyler, our Development Director.  

ASPIRE Programme
 The Third and Final Cohort has been Chosen!
 The programme has been funded by Health Education England and this is the final cohort of 17 participants. It  has been designed and implemented through a collaboration between the HPMA London Academy and our lead provider Authentic Leadership who have a successful track record in the delivery of leadership programme across a range of sectors including the NHS.
Here are some words about the programme from the first cohort as they completed the programme last week:
“ASPIRE has given me the confidence to go for ‘stretch’ ‘Aspire to lead’ ‘Lead to inspire’ “
“Grow your network and develop strategic workforce knowledge and skills”
“Covers a broad range of skills development both personal and professional and provides a wonderful networking opportunity to share this learning”
“ASPIRE will push you out of your comfort zone”
“Accept my strengths, identify blindspots and appreciate how this would contribute to my leadership style”
“ASPIRE – a powerful lesson in personal impact”
“Empowering and equipped me to pursue my goal of Deputy HRD”
“ASPIRE increases awareness on a personal, organisational and national level”
“Privileged to be a member of the ASPIRE community”
Eligibility for the Programme
The programme is for senior HR and OD staff who have been identified as having the potential and the ambition to move into a Deputy, Assistant or Associate Director role in the next eighteen months to two years. Applicants will be required to have the support of their line manager or current Director who will provide a statement of support for the applicant. Please ensure you have sufficient time for your line manager or sponsor to complete their statement on your application form by the deadline of 9am on Monday 4 September 2017 as we will be shortlisting immediately after the deadline.
This programme is open to all HR/OD practitioners working for organisations with corporate membership of the HPMA London Academy.
We will assess applicants on the basis of responses to the competency self assessment, evidence of self awareness of development needs and evidence of ambition and commitment to progress your career as a workforce leader.
Format of the Programme
The ASPIRE Programme has been designed to deliver the following learning objectives for each participant:
·         Increase self-awareness and personal presence/impact/influencing skills
·         Understand ‘the stretch’ required to work at Deputy/Director level in an organisation and what Boards want from an effective workforce leader
·         Understand strategic and theoretical approaches to organisation design and development and which ones to adopt in different contexts
·         Enhance analytical and problem solving skills through an analysis of current NHS challenges across health and social care systems
These learning objectives will be delivered through a number of developmental components which have been designed to optimise the capability, capacity and potential of each participant.
By applying for this programme participants will sign up to attend all its components which are outlined below.
Dates for Cohort 3
Development Activity Description Date
Selection Process Panel interviews for shortlisted applicants with the HPMA team and Director and Deputy Directors of HR/OD 19 September 2017
Development Centre A range of development centre activities to enable participants to fully assess their strengths and areas for development through the course of the programme 20 October 2017
Modular Programme A four day modular programme run on 2 consecutive days in May and July 2017. The modules are being designed to deliver the learning objectives outlined above and will cover the individual, the team, the organisation and the wider system.
Modules 1 & 2 - 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2017
Modules 3 & 4 -  8/9th February 2018, dates tbc
Action Learning Sets Each cohort will be split into 2 action learning sets (ALS) facilitated by members of the Authentic Leadership team. Each ALS will meet on 4 occasions Action learning sets to take place between January and May 2018 Final dates to be agreed.
Project Each participant will complete a work based project within their own organisation Completion by the end of the programme in June 2018
Programme Finale Assessment Each participant will undergo a mock interview with existing Directors and Deputy Directors, including a presentation on their learning throughout the programme 12 June 2018
Mentoring/Coaching Opportunity Each participant will be required to work with a mentor or coach through the programme.  To be organised on an individual basis


The participant’s line manager and/or executive sponsor will be contacted by the HPMA to ensure that the application has their support.

HPMA London Roadshow
Tuesday 31 October
Click here to view the powerpoint presentations from the day. 
Andy Coombe facilitated the day, and started off by hearing some patient stories from people working within the NHS to help us learn from their experience as we think about doing things differently during the day:
- Jacqueline Sinclair, Deputy Director of Nursing/Divisional Nurse Director at the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust
- Matt Barnfield, Web and Design / Digital Manager at West London Mental Health NHS Trust
Karen Moran, from The Disruptive HR Agency ran an interactive session to help us think differently about our workforce challenges. Then we heard from a range of speakers in a TED talk style format about how they have taken risks and dared to be bold:


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