Team Members:

Kaine Davidson, Deputy Director of People

Alex Brett, Director of People

Lyse Edwards,

Head of Operations, Children and Families Care Group

Danni Cook, Recovery College Manager

Abbie Charlesworth, Project Support Officer

Lisa Whitehouse, Organisational Development Lead

Sharon Dennison, OD Programmes and Talent Manager

Emily Fraser, Workforce Project Lead

Clare Neill,

Associate Director

of Communication and Strategic Partnerships

Paul Kumar, Modern Media Specialist

Kyle Holloway, IT Trainer

Katie Dale, Head of Communications

Mark Fletcher, Communications Manager

Gemma Woodvine, Communications Support Officer

Amanda Godfrey, Communications Officer

Michelle Briers, Communications Support Officer

Kevin Pugh, Senior Service Development Manager

Ty Henry, Business Relationship Manager

Fiona Moore, Head of Involvement and Experience

Emma Kirkbride,

Head of Health and Social Care Systems Management

Nick Alexander, Head of Procurement


COVID-19 has set many challenges, and at this Trust  the most recent was how to acknowledge, thank, support, and collaborate with 8,500 NHS workers, and on a budget of no more than £1 per head. The Big Shout Out, a digital initiative and part of a wider colleague engagement plan, became a Trust phenomenon that will stand the test of time: 3 virtual festival tents, over 40 hours of digital content, two wellbeing days, based on the themes of compassion, collaboration, and celebration. It showed how much colleagues are valued by providing something that they and their families could access, despite COVID restrictions, to help them  celebrate what they had achieved and provide an opportunity for self-care, but also give a participatory and inclusive experience.

Key points

  • Unexpected, things can happen when the right team come together, not based on organisational position but talent, experience, and ability
  • Effective use of collaborative platforms, networks and social media to tackle a challenging problem
  • Unusual, creative approach
  • Led to setting up leadership collaborative to foster the special methodology of achieved innovation.
Judges view: Immensely impressive, a great example of innovation with the simplest of designs. Particularly impressive was how they demonstrated cross organisational working; a good framework for evaluation, the replicability and the sustainability approach.


The National COVID-19 Clinical Assessment Service for returning doctors and clinicians
South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and NHS South, Central and West

The service was conceptualised and mobilised to remotely assess patients presenting COVID-19 symptoms. Solutions were developed at pace to systemise workforce onboarding, training, mobilisation and national service delivery. The service has directly supported over half a million patients with access to 2,394 onboarded clinicians offering home and community-based care.

Judges’ view

The senior leadership stance of doing something because it was right, rather than cost focused, was really clear.


Victoria Dooley, Head of HR, SCASFT

Liam Williams, Director Quality & System Performance, SCW


Online Learning Provision for Children
East London Foundation Trust

During the pandemic some staff had dfficulties working from home and home schooling. They felt guilty that their children were  in front of screens with pre-recorded lessons that were not interactive or varied in quality. They engaged agency teachers and designed a range of learning activities covering key stages 1- 4 (primary and secondary school ages) that were interactive and ‘live’ delivered online via zoom.The total attendance over the 7 weeks was over 1,500.

Judges’ view

An impressive example of implementing  new and innovative service during the pandemic


Tanya Carter, Director of People & Culture

Anita Hynes, Equality Project Lead

Chris Tyson, Functional Skills Coordinator

Andreea Tudosa, Interim Internal Communications Manager

Taiye Aro, Marketing Manager

Alan Strachan, People Participation Lead for Children’s Services

Rakhi Anand, Temporary Staffing Operations Manager

Rachel Stephen, Temporary Staffing Booking Coordinator

Chris Kitchener, Associate Director of Information Governance & DPO


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