Event Essentials

Our UK Conference and Exhibition will now be held online, on the virtual Hopin platform.

You can review our FAQ sheet here.

Why HPMA National Events Team chose Hopin

Hopin is an all-in-one, end to end solution that makes people the most important aspect of the event. As a participant at the event you will find it very easy to make connections just like you would at a face to face event.

We want and need you – to interact and engage with fellow members, with our speakers and with our expo booth hosts (our brilliant sponsor community).

Hopin facilitates unique live video interactions for networking, round tables, breakout sessions and at the expo booths, so take advantage just like you would at a live face-2-face event and meet as many fellow members as you can.

The emphasis on video at our virtual event means that we advise you to have camera and microphone capability, a reliable internet provision and the necessary access permissions, so it may be advisable to seek the support of your own IT team if you are unsure about this.

Hints & Advice

TOP TIP ONE – We strongly advise you to join the event on a laptop or computer using Google Chrome – certainly Internet Explorer is not compatible with the Hopin Platform.

TOP TIP TWO – Participants need to register for both for the platform (Hopin) and for the specific event (HPMA UK Conference) – this two step process can be initially confusing.

A few frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a reliable internet connection to join?

We advise that you do; video connections can be very difficult if you can only rely on patchy hospital wifi, so we recommend that you try to join via a wired internet connection.

  • Do I need microphone and video to join?

Ideally yes (so you might wish to consider joining the event on your personal computer equipment). It is possible to be a passive viewer and simply use the chat function but we want you to get more out of the event if you can.

  • Can I join an event hosted on Hopin from a mobile device?

Yes, but it won’t be as good an experience as joining from a laptop or computer.
Open a mobile web browser to enter the event from your phone or tablet. You will be able to view the Stage, view Sessions, view Expo, chat, and use the Networking features.
Mobile browsers supported:
Android – Google Chrome
iOS, iPadOS (Apple) – Safari
Note: There is no dedicated app, no downloads are required.

  • How do I follow up with someone after the event?

During Hopin’s Networking segment, you and your conversation partner choose whether or not you’d like to select the Connect button.
After the conversation, if both parties selected Connect, you can follow up with them. On the Connections page of your Hopin account choose the way you want to follow up (eg Email, LinkedIn, Twitter). The channels of communication depend on the details filled to the attendee on their Profile page. So please make sure to add the details to let other attendees easily find and contact you after the event.


Some basic troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble joining a session try:

  • Refresh your web browser
  • Check your browser permissions (click on the padlock icon next to the URL field to make sure Camera and Microphone are set to allow for app.hopin.to web page)
  • Check the browser and make sure it’s updated (using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Monzilla Firefox on your computer guarantees the best experience)
  • If the above tips aren’t successful you could logout of your Hopin account and sign back in or restart your computer.

If you are still having video or audio problems, please refer to this useful article from the Hopin team – https://support.hopin.to/en/articles/3351271-i-m-having-video-audio-problems.

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