Salary Finance exists to make money simple and fair. We partner with employers to help their people take control of their money, rather than have it control them.

Founded in 2015, we combined our passion for social purpose with expertise in disruptive fintech. We have grown from three founders with a compelling idea and lots of drive to a team of over two hundred. The problem we’re tackling is real. Financial stress has a negative impact on mental health, relationships, and performance at work. For employers, the effects are felt through increased absenteeism and presenteeism, reduced productivity, and lower retention. In the health sector, this also translates into increased risk.

We offer organisations a holistic workforce financial wellbeing platform and service covering education, communication, saving, affordable lending, access to earnings on demand, and more. Everything we provide is free of charge to employers and we’re proud to partner with over 90 NHS trusts and bodies already.

To discuss financial wellbeing as part of your workforce wellbeing strategy, contact Luke or Jack:

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