Olayinka Iwu
Head of Equality Diversity and Inclusion
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Yinka has had an immeasurable impact on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategic direction for the Trust. She constantly strives to improve internal practices, advocating inclusion at the centre. She has been exceptional at building relationships and helps educate others on EDI improvements. She constantly has an eye on strategy, focusing on projects that will make long term impact. She identified straightaway the need for improvement in the Trust diversity data monitoring and has worked hard to progress a diversity dashboard.

The judges were impressed by her ability to look ahead and to develop a quiet commitment to a strategy is clear from this entry

Sarb Birk
Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Sarb is a dynamic, professional, humorous and influential leader of inclusion, simply indispensable to the organisation. Despite being just two years into her NHS career, Sarb expertly hosts Board seminars, impacts across the system, designs and delivers powerful ALLY programmes, leads complex casework and deeply supports all  diverse communities. “Sarb has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of Inclusion, never stopping in her support of this organisation on its journey to become a beacon of good practice in relation to EDI for all, “ says Paul Draycott, Director of Workforce.

The judges recognised that she is a great influencer within the organisation and beyond.

Richard Burnell
Organisational & People Development Specialist
Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

As the pandemic took hold, Richard showed incredible dedication and compassion to his colleagues by ensuring access to vital support for their mental health and wellbeing. Richard  developed support tools, accessible 24/7, recognising the needs of those working within the organisation and beyond. These support mechanisms made a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of his colleagues and staff in organisations around him. He designed a format for resilience coaching and worked with occupational health to identify vulnerable individuals at the frontline.

The judges were impressed the way he went beyond the role and had a real impact upon the lives of so many people.

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