Promotion, Praise and Promise – Valuing our workforce

West London NHS Trust                                                                                                                    

Ali Webster, Deputy Director of Organisational Development

The team identified that leavers outnumbered joiners – especially clinical leads and nurses. To understand why and how to retain, they adopted a new approach using insights into staff experience.  Surveys of starters and leavers highlighted lack of career progression and personal growth as a key reason for leaving. Staff thought promotions were taking place with a lack of transparency.

Staff promoted receive a congratulations card with a personal message from the Chief Executive, with specific development opportunities added by the learning and development team. The Trust now knows far more about promotions – location, job role, gender and ethnicity. A clinical leadership programme has been delivered and embedded.

Key points:

The Promotion, Praise and Promise scheme was introduced to:

  • Track the number of monthly promotions
  • Identify the number of staff that grow their careers with the Trust and gain promotion
  • Celebrates staff achievement
  • Promises to support them in the new roles through appropriate development.

Judges view

The judges were impressed by its simplicity and the ability to replicate it across organisations of any size. Alignment with the ambitions of the People Plan are clear and the visible personal support of the CEO was commended.



System Wide Strategic Workforce Planning

North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System

Amanda Venner, ICS Workforce Programme Transformation Lead

North East and North Cumbria’s strategic workforce planning, based on population health, across their Health and Care System – the largest Integrated Care System (ICS) in England  – has helped to move them away from traditional role-based planning to looking at delivery of care with the patient at the centre.

Key points:

  • First planning work across the entire system incorporating health and care and connecting population health, service and workforce transformation
  • Brought data together from health and care to see trends across the entire system
  • Produced health and care view of the current and potential workforce numbers.

Judges’ view

The judges saw this as a complex, large scale and long -term project. They noted that although this is tech enabled there is a huge reliance on engagement and relationship development. Further evaluation needed.



Compassionate People Management Network

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Annabel Butcher, Head of HR (Medical Staffing & Corporate)

Breege Gilbride, Head of Nursing Clinical Support Services WCCS Division

The Compassionate People Management Network distributes learning about compassionate HR and leadership practice. It holds regular events with expert speakers and has a Twitter account which shares articles, stories and tips on managing compassionately.

Key points:

It has helped change practice and culture by:

Judges’ view

The judges thought this is a great initiative, clearly linked to the People Plan with scope for further development and evaluation.


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