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‘Giving our people professionals the tools to look after their organisations and themselves’

HPMA West Midlands in numbers:

  • 10 brilliant committee members
  • 10 events held in 2019/2020
  • 4 regular visiting law partners
  • 10 events held in 2019/20 with exclusively positive feedback
  • 22 member organisations
  • 6 counties covered

The West Midlands HPMA branch strives to play an integral role in the development, wellbeing and growth of all of our members. As a branch, we cover an extensive geographical area ranging from Stoke on Trent to Birmingham and Coventry. Having such an array of organisations and communities within our branch patch means we are able to provide a first-class networking experience to branch members. This is aided through regular events, targeted networking groups and, of course, the connections people form for themselves along the way.

We have focused on delivering high-quality events that include individuals on the ground as well as up to board level and legal partners to get a holistic view of the biggest challenges of the moment. The topics chosen are influenced by what our members tell us they need and have previously included topics such as Freedom to Speak Up/Whistleblowing, personal wellbeing and Equality and Diversity. Feedback on these sessions is overwhelmingly positive – with our branch members recognising the value in taking some time out to reflect and learn from others.

The branch also continues to have an active presence on social media with our Twitter account (@HPMAWestMids) currently having 434 followers who interact with our content and help shape the HPMA future from a distance when we can’t be together.

The current climate has allowed the committee to reflect on our progress and also where we need to focus our energy next to ensure HPMA West Midlands continues to provide the offer branch members need. Our future as we see it includes continuing to provide a high-class training offer, more online and virtual sessions, a continuation of the HRBP networking group, upskilling our members to enable them to help their organisations deliver the NHS People Plan and contributing to the delivery of the National HPMA Strategy.

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David Holmes

Vice President
Deputy Vice President
Deputy Vice President

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