Raffaela Goodby

Director of People and Organisation Development

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

Raffaela is an exemplar role model, who demonstrates inclusive and transformational leadership at all levels of the organisation. Serving one of the most deprived and diverse communities in England, with higher than average mortality rates and substantial challenges in public health. Raffaela’s determination to tackle health inequalities through implementation of innovative and courageous ideas have significantly impacted the local community as well as the Trust’s workforce.

Raffaela has made a substantial mark on the 7,000+ strong organisation over the past five years through her passion and determination to make a difference to the people of Sandwell and West Birmingham. She is an excellent role model, not only to her team and organisation but to the whole NHS. She is a passionate leader with a desire to improve outcomes. Her energy and positive outlook encourages others particularly through challenging circumstances. Raffaela brings a uniqueness to her role, she is outwardly caring and kind and employees find her approachable and inspiring.

She is brave and courageous in her approach and gets her Board colleagues on side to deliver new and creative ideas. This year the Trust implemented Unity, a new Electronic Patient Record to improve patient care and her leadership enabled a successful, calm go-live.

Judges’ view

 Raffaela is a passionate, engaging and innovative individual who is action-oriented and undertakes her role with good humour, love and authenticity.  Her contribution pre COVID was amplified during COVID-19. She invests herself whole-heartedly in all that she undertakes and makes magic happen.



Lisa Crichton-Jones

Director of Workforce Transformation

North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System

Lisa is a collective, compassionate leader who exemplifies the HR profession. Her role within this ICS, the largest in the country, brings daily challenges on a vast scale, yet she remains patient- focused, engaging, and collaborative. She has made an outstanding and unprecedented contribution to the role of a system HR leader. She sees potential in everyone and her coaching style together with compassionate, inclusive leadership inspires all who work with her. Always highly motivated, Lisa has a formidable drive for excellence and delivery. Values driven, she places huge importance on widening participation and removing barriers to promote diversity.



Anita Pisani

Deputy Chief Executive and HR Director

Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Anita leads a fabulous HR team and has developed a healthy work culture. She constantly displays the very best attributes of a workforce leader, both in her work within the Trust and in the systems that they work within. Anita has led great work to improve the experience of BAME and disabled staff over the past year. The culture of the organisation is not static and as a hugely skilled HRD, she challenges all teams and the Board to carry on making improvements and make a difference to the lives of staff and the communities.


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