A mission to engage, improve and change culture

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Sarah Turner-Saint, Head of Communications

In 2017, NHS Staff Survey results revealed Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHSFT as a ‘worst performer’ for the second year running with 26/32 negative scores. The Trust embarked on a mission to engage, improve and change culture and in 2019 is above national average in nine of the survey’s eleven themes.

Faced with these challenges, the Board set out to create culture where people work together in effective teams, with well-designed jobs and with a new approach to engagement and improvement. They took the themes of Build, Lead, Engage, Learn, underpinned by detailed plans, actions and outcome measures.

Key points:

  • Being open, honest and transparent with staff
  • Fostering clinical leadership – Listening into Action
  • Staff advocates and sponsors, supporting and inspiring colleagues
  • Executive and non-executive role modelling to ensure changes supported by Board
  • Ambitious communications and engagement programme.

 Judges’ view

The judges were impressed by the way they established a clear and systematic approach to improving their staff engagement performance. They were particularly interested in the use of a Royal Academy of Improvement to support how they embedded a QI approach.



The Story of Mrs X

Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Melissa Holt, Organisational Effectiveness Practitioner

Engaging an entire workforce is a challenge in anyone’s book. The story of Mrs X and other Mersey Care patients shows that it is quite simple. All it takes is a tenacious OD team, a user -friendly system, a sound methodology and teams who remember the difference they can make.

 Key points:

  • Creating compassionate and compelling place to work
  • Use of Culture Care Barometer worked well as engagement tool, supporting improvement at team level
  • Reduced staff sickness, improved patient outcomes
  • Empowered and motivate teams to improve culture and quality and safety of care.

Judges view

The panel were impressed by the use of the Culture Care Barometer The measurable links with benefits in patient care were clear and the use of personalised stories bought the tool to life.



Towards happy, healthy and productive teams

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Annie Laverty, Chief Experience Officer

Claire Coe, Equality and diversity lead

The Northumbria Staff Experience Programme was designed to address key workforce challenges. Better staff experience leads to reduced sickness and absence which in turn leads to significant savings. Lead by the Chief Experience Officer, the programme took feedback from staff, patients, service users and the local community to understand and start to improve what mattered the most to them.

Key points:

  • Committed to providing a programme of support for those teams that needed it
  • By using an experience- based codesign approach, each team developed their own improvement plan
  • Adapted their approach to engagement and went out to those who were seldom heard.

Judges’ view

Given the establishment of a board level Lead for Experience some time ago it was evident there was buy in to the approaches at a senior level.  The panel were impressed by the sustained favourable engagement ratings that Northumberland had achieved.


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